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Amy Latta

Wood burning with a marker? 3 Valentine’s décor projects that anyone can make

Add something new to your home with these Valentine’s décor projects.

Three crafty projects will punch up your valentines’ day décor this year. These are boutique-worthy items that you can make at home and will add to your shelf display or tabletop vignette.

Lifestyle crafter and hand lettering artist Amy Latta joined Studio 5 with the instructions.

Find more of Amy’s crafts at, or on Instagram, @amylattacreations.


3 Easy Valentine’s Décor Projects

Glitter Heart Canvas

So many hearts, so many personalities! Use any size craft store paint canvas for a collection of glittery hearts, each different and loveable.

Kissing Booth Sign

Use a (free!) stencil and a Scorch marker to create a cute rustic sign with a wood-burning effect.

To download the free kissing booth and heart stencil go to, and use the code “ilovestencils” (all lower case) at checkout to get it free.


Valentine Bead Garland

Thread pink and white beads on jute, and adorn with a custom wood slice accent to make these decorative beads just a little different. Amy also uses the Scorch Marker (and free stencil) for this project.

Amy Latta is a lifestyle crafter, hand lettering artist, and best-selling author. Her passion is helping others to explore and express their own creativity. Her artwork has been featured in design collaborations with Starbucks, GAP stores, Tombow USA, and more. Find Amy at and on Instagram @amylattacreations.

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