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gardening tools
Carly Wood

Make yard work easier! 7 gardening tools that will change your life

These gardening tools will change your yard game.

Whether gardening is therapy, or a chore, we can all appreciate things that make it easier.

Carly Wood shares some tried and true gardening tools that she goes as far to call “magical.”

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7 Gardening Tools to Make Your Work Easier

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  • Garden Gloves – $12 for a 2-pack. Carly’s go-to gloves. They have a nice tight fit and grippy hands which make them very easy to work in.
  • Leaf Scoops – $15.These are life changing. Whether it’s scooping up leaves, or any yard pile, they are absolutely MAGICAL. If Carly could recommend one fall yard tool, this would be it!
  • Inexpensive Screwdriver – $1 – $5. Every gardener needs an inexpensive screwdriver. This makes the perfect weeder for those pesky weeds with long tap roots.
  • Garden Bucket Organizer+ bucket – $20. Great way to carry around your favorite garden tools whilst working in the yard!
  • Hori Hori Knife – $20. If she could pick one tool, this would be it! It’s a great multi-purpose tool and hands down her most used tool!
  • Bypass Hand Pruners – $20. Any gardener knows, a good pair of pruning shears is very important. This small handle held bypass pruner is small enough to carry around with you whilst you tidy up the yard.
  • Lawn and Leaf Bag – $25. Collapses to almost flat which makes it very convenient to store when not in use! It’s small enough to drag around the yard when weeding or cleaning up leaves.

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