Zerorez Carpet Cleaning

Kids are always hard on carpets but in the summertime spills and stains seem to happen more often. Keep your carpets clean with the help of Zero Rez.

Zerorez is different than any carpet cleaning company you have ever used. We are the only company that can claim zero residue left behind. The reason that is so important is, when cleaning chemicals from traditional cleaners get left behind they attract dirt and soil faster than if you didn’t clean them at all. Everyone has been told at some point, “don’t clean your carpets because when you do, they just get dirtier faster.” And many times that is true. Everyone has experienced the crunchy carpet or heavy deodorized chemical smell after their carpets are cleaned. But not with Zerorez. We clean with Empowered Water. This cleaning fluid is made by us and carried on our vehicles to each home. It acts like a detergent but when it evaporates it leaves behind zero residue. Hence our name, Zerorez.

We hold the highest rating in the nation by the Carpet and Rug Institute; their platinum rating. Only two companies have qualified for this (and the other one leaves residue behind). We are also IICRC Seal of Approval certified. Many carpet mills recommend only using certified firms to maintain your carpet warranties.

For more information visit or call 801-288-ZERO

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