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Zerorez: Cleaning Air Ducts

Gaylord Karren, from Zerorez explains how they clean air ducts.

Zerorez is dedicated to continuing education for the consuming public as it relates to the home or office environment. A systemic approach to cleaning, disinfecting and protecting your home is the prudent method to understand. There are four major areas of concern in cleaning and maintaining a safe and healthy living space.

1. Carpets are the largest filter in your home. They must be cleaned and protected right. Enemy number one in this process is soap. Never allow soap to put into your carpet. Some cleaners will use words like “green”, “citrus”, “oxi” or ‘natural”. Don’t be fooled by these terms. They are chemicals and when left in your carpet or furniture, they become an even worse dirt magnet than the fiber they reside in. Only use electrolyzed Oxidative Water (EOW) to clean your hard and soft surfaces.

2. Enemy number two is how the carpet cleaning industry (every company) tries to remove dirt and chemicals from your soft surfaces (carpet, furniture, draperies etc). Every system is flawed because it is either a “flood and suck” or “spit and shine” method. They both fail the laws of physics. You cannot vacuum or wipe up the soaps, chemicals and dirt bound up in your carpet or fabric. It must be retrieved with a patented system which forces the EOW water into a 180 degree U turn through the carpet fiber where the fluid is under constant control and is never allowed to become subject to gravity and get to the backing or pad.

3. Once you have cleaned “the right way”, Zerorez, you can then apply a protectant which is a life time penetrant, protects against UV fading and will stop almost any stain. It is called MicroSeal. Only Zerorez can apply this proprietary product to your soft surfaces for protection against staining and sun fading.

4. For any hard or soft surface, Zerorez can apply another proprietary product to reduce or eliminate and kill any bacteria, virus mold or spore that comes into your environment. The product is applied wet. Then, as it dries, millions of microscopic swords or razors stand up in all directions. As a microbe comes in contact with the sword-like spear, the microbe is lysed or cut and is killed physically, not by a chemical. It is harmless to humans or animals and is non-toxic. It lasts for up to a year and provides a long term anti-microbial barrier to reduce your exposure to the bad bugs that cause colds, flu, food poisoning and even H1N1.

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