Zipper Flip Flops

Crafter Kathy Thurgood shows us how to personalized flip flops with a few zipper embellishments.

Items needed

1. 2- 24″ Heavy jacket zippers with metal teeth ( I prefer silver)
2. Glue gun
3. needle and thread
4. about 12″ of decorative ribbon
5. Fabri- Tac permanent adhesive
6. pair of flip flops
7. scissors

Directions: using 1- 24″ zipper

1. Un -zip the zipper , cut off both the top and bottom at the end of teeth, leaving 2 zipper strands.

2. Measure one strand of zipper from the back of the strap of the flip flop to the toe and cut the zipper to length. Glue with “Fabri-tac” , so the teeth are facing outward from strap.

3. repeat on the other side with second half of zipper.

4. With the other zipper strip, start gluing the zipper to the top , inside of the strap, all the way around.

5. Glue decorative ribbon down the center of the straps.

Directions to make the rose bud flower. using 1- 24″ zipper

1. Roll the zipper in a tight circle, about 3 times, tack down with needle and thread.

2. With a running stitch, start sewing about 2 inchs at a time , then gather. Tack into place forming a rose bud.

3. Glue a circle of fabric onto the back of flower.

4. Glue flower onto the flip flop with the fabric-tac and hot glue.

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