biggest fall fashion trends

10 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends for the Everyday Woman

It’s no secret that fall is one of the biggest times for fashion. And this year, the trends are aimed towards the big, the bold, and the bright!

Emily McCormick shares ten of the biggest fall fashion trends to look for in stores this season.


  • Brooke knew had a segment on about 2-3 weeks ago- It was showing different products the one I’m intrested in was the micro derma shaver to remove your little white hairs and your Dead skin off your face could you please get back to me on what the product was I cannot find that segment I thought I recorded it I think my husband deleted it. Thank you very much

    • Hi Patricia! The products you mentioned is a 3-pack face razor you get at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They keep them behind the counter, and they are pastel colors (pink, green, yellow). We hope this helps!