10 Books That Offer a “Sweet Escape”

If you turn to reading for an escape, these books will be your new best

In line with Studio 5’s theme for the month of April, Librarian Trish Hull
shares 10 titles that offer a “sweet escape.”

A Sweet Treat

What could be a more perfect sweet escape than making some delicious
sugar confection from the book: Cupcakes, cookies, and pie, oh, my! /
Tack & Alan Richardson.
This fabulous cookbook puts pounds on just
reading each page, but each recipe is delightful. Just creating one recipe
should be the sweetest escape for you and those you share it with.

Friendship Bread by Darien Gee is the story of how a recipe and
starter for
Amish friendship bread brings together new friends, a mother and daughter,
and a community. About life and loss, friendship and community, food and
family, this book tells a spirited, remarkable tale about the triumph of hope.

The Cookie party Cookbook by Robin L Olson. What could be a
better sweet
escape than to host a cookie exchange with your friends and family? This
cookbook is the ultimate guide to hosting a cookie exchange along with tons
of great cookie recipes. (And if it’s an escape they must be fat free and
calorie free right???)

A Sweet Mystery

State of the Onion- by July Hyzy – Ollie Paras works in the White
kitchens and is up for the job of White House Executive Chef. She
inadvertently stops a White House intruder with her frying pan. Soon she is
immersed in secret service agents, plots and assassins. Along with a fun
mystery and some great behind the scenes look at a first family are a few
great recipes.

A Sweet Romance

What better way to escape than with a little romance- Always the
Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker.
Audrey Regan is a fabulous wedding
designer who has designed dresses for nine of her best friends. She vows
never to do so again until her best friend Carly begs her to do one more.
When she arrives in Atlanta prepared to do her Maid-of -honor duties she
meets JR, the best man who couldn’t be more different from her “Prince
Charming” if he rode in on a Harley…oh wait he did.

Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas tells the story of Lucy Marinn, a
glass artist
in Friday Harbor, Washington. When her life is upended and she loses her
boyfriend, sister and home all in one day Lucy has to rely on her friends, her
art, and the magic she discovered as a child to put her life back together and
learn to love and trust again.

A Sweet Family Escape

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet. Melissa Fay Greene has
4 children
of her own when she and her husband decide to adopt a 4 year old boy from
Bulgaria. In her own words: “We so loved raising our four children by birth,
we didn’t want to stop. When the clock started to run down on the home
team, we brought in ringers.” They would eventually adopt a total of 5
children. She writes her story with laughter, tears and the real world
difficulties of adoption and raising children from other languages and

Trish’s Personal Sweet Escape

Died in the Wool by Elizabeth Ludwig and Janelle Mowery. Hoping
to procure
much needed funds to buy computers for her beloved library Monah Trenary
is battling for monies donated to the city of Pine Mills. Competition for the
funds is fierce and when a rival winds up dead Monah is one of the prime
suspects. Police detective Mike Brockman is dismayed when monkshood and
Monah appear to be a lethal combination. Will our lovely librarian be booked
for murder?

A Sweet Sports Escape

Blind Your Ponies by Stanley Gordon West. Sam Pickett is coach of
hapless high school basketball team (0 wins-93 losses) . Sam is escaping his
own past and the violence and madness that have shattered it. He is moved
by the bravery he witnesses in the everyday lives of the people of Willow
Creek Montana. Drawing on the strength of the boys of the team, sharing the
hope they display despite insurmountable odds, Sam finally begins to see a
future worth living.

A Mother’s Photo Escape

LIFE With Mother by the editors of LIFE books. This sweet book of
and children will touch the hearts of anyone who is a mother or has a
mother. Mothers and children around the world in the tender, funny and
familiar moments we all remember bring this book the right touch of joy to
help us escape a dreary day.

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