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Turn up the tunes! Here are 10 curated Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure

Music for any occasion! Here are 10 Spotify playlists to check out next time you want to pump up the tunes.

By Lauren Tippetts

As much as we love creating our own playlists, sometimes it’s nice to have the work done for you. Just click and listen! Get a taste of what you like, plus, some new stuff you might not have found otherwise. From working at home, to your daily exercise routine, there’s a playlist for that. We found 10 curated Spotify playlists for when you need a little musical pick-me-up.

*Some of these Spotify playlists include songs with explicit ratings. If you would rather not hear those, you can turn them off. Go to your settings menu and turn off playback of explicit-rated content and those songs will be skipped over.

10 Spotify Playlists for Your Quarantine Listening

Home Office Listening

Work From Home

This playlist is designed with the 9-5 grind in mind. With eight hours of music, you won’t have to think twice about what to listen to next! You’ll find a mix of new hits, classics, and nostalgic throwbacks. This playlist just became your new best work buddy!

Video Game Soundtracks

Maybe this sounds a little weird, but video game soundtracks are usually completely instrumental, and, really lovely to listen to. It’s the perfect background music to your work day. This playlist has a mix of new games and old classics, and it’s perfect for those moments when you really just need to buckle down and focus.

Songs for the Whole Family

Disney Parks Collection

With the Disney Parks still closed, this playlist will transport you there without leaving the house! It’s full of songs from your favorite rides and music they play throughout the parks. Plus, you get some full on ride experiences in there too! Stroll down Main Street, “ride” your favorite rides, and listen to Fantasmic all the way through. If you’re among the many whose Disney vacations were cancelled, these songs will help you get your fix.

Movie Hits

Break up the day with a movie music dance party! All of your family’s favorite movie songs are in this playlist. Got a Frozen fan? It’s in there. Lego Movie lover? Got it. Your kids will be singing at the top of their lungs with these hits.

Classic Favorites

Classic Oldies

Get ready for some major feel good music. This playlist is full of 50s and 60s favorites that will instantly boost your mood. Featuring artists like The Temptations, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, and so many more, you’ll be swingin’ the day away.

Guilty Pleasures

Love The Backstreet Boys, but want to keep that fact under the radar? All of your secret favorites are packed into this playlist. You’ll find happy, upbeat, feel good songs that some of us love to hate, and some of us just love!

Pump Up Your Workout

Pumped Pop

A good workout needs a good playlist. This one is full of your upbeat pop favorites. The fast paced beats will keep you going when you feel like you want to quit.

Motivation Mix

Another great workout playlist, this mix is filled with dance hits and remixes of popular songs. Turn this on before you hit your cardio routine and it will get you all the way through.

Slow Down

Stress Relief

Breathe in, breathe out. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel any stress right now. This playlist mixes pretty piano and ambient sounds to ease your nerves and melt the stress away.

Musical Therapy

Music is good for the soul, and this mix of songs will soothe your mind with calming instrumentals. Make it a part of your nighttime routine to slow down before crawling into bed.

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