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100 balloons in 60 seconds?! This tool is a party game changer

Forget blowing up balloons by hand. This tool blows up 100 balloons at once!

By Lauren Tippetts

Blowing up balloons can often feel like a chore. No one on the party planning committee wants to do it. It takes forever, and by the end, you’re lightheaded and your fingers are sore. There are some products that make inflating balloons easier though. An inflating machine, a tying tool, but this contraption out shines them all. It blows up and ties 100 balloons in 60 seconds. One. Hundred. Balloons. That’s an entire party!


Bunch O Balloons Pump With 5 Balloon Stems, $20

If you remember this water balloon tool from a few years ago, the application is similar. The balloons come in stems, and then it’s just inflate, detach, and Bob’s your uncle! The time it takes to decorate for a party is reduced to one minute. Say goodbye to lightheaded-ness and blistered fingers, because your next party is going to be a cinch.

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