12 Minute Chocolate Lemon Yogurt Cake

Everyone likes a super easy great looking cake – and this is it! Tom Cordova, Coalstrip, MT shared the idea with me. Try it at your next party – guests will think you spent hours.

1 cup canned creamy chocolate frosting
1 lemon cake mix (18.25 oz)
3 eggs
2 cups lemon flavored low-fat yogurt
ice cream, optional

Spray microwave safe bundt pan with non-stick spray. (NOTE: You may substitute 2-qt microwave safe bowl. Place a microwave safe glass or cup in center of bowl to create a bundt pan. Spray glass and bowl with non-stick spray.)

Spread frosting in bottom of bundt pan.

Combine cake mix, eggs, and yogurt. Beat until smooth, batter will be thick. Spread cake batter in bundt pan; microwave on high, 12 minutes. If microwave is not equipped with an automatic turntable – microwave 3-4 minutes, turn bowl one quarter turn; repeat process until cake is down. If low-wattage microwave is used, cook until done (a toothpick inserted in center should come out clean).

Allow cake to set 5-10 minutes to absorb frosting. Remove glass and invert on serving plate. Serve warm with ice cream. Serves 12

NOTES: Experiment with your favorite cake mixes and frosting flavors for variety. I have substituted sour cream for the yogurt. I have also substituted a 21 oz can fruit pie filling for yogurt and sour cream. Cherry pie filling goes well in chocolate and served up with chocolate ice cream.

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