20 Days of Summer: Chef Todd’s Pit Seasoning

20 Days of Summer: Chef Todd’s Pit Seasoning

Today’s “20 Days of Summer” find has been a Studio 5 staff secret – until today!

Here’s why “Chef Todd’s Pit Seasoning” made our list.

Chef Todd Leonard, culinary arts instructor at UVU, created his signature blend he calls Pit Seasoning in 2001 in response to his search for the perfect all purpose spice blend. It has been his secret weapon over the years as he has enhanced thousands of delectable dishes with it. Now this secret weapon is available for you to boost the flavors in your cooking as well.

The special blend of fresh spices will intensify the flavors in all your savory foods. The name Pit Seasoning came from the barbeque pit – and that is a great place to keep a bottle! Pit Seasoning is ideal as a rub on steaks, chicken, pork, or roasts, and then grilled to perfection. It is also great sprinkled on fish or stirred into soups, sauces, side dishes, vegetables, or even eggs.

You can find Chef Todd’s Pit Seasoning at Orson Gygi, located at 3500 South 300 West in Salt Lake City or online at www.gygi.com. You can also purchase Pit Seasoning at Blue Lemon Restaurants, located in downtown Salt Lake City or Highland.

Check out Chef Todd’s website for additional ideas for Pit Seasoning and watch for coming recipes! www.cheftodds.com

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