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Take Note: 3 new journal trends to kick off the new year

Journaling is once again on the rise and, with this renewed interest, there are some standout journal trends to take note of.

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon jots it down. She shares three new ways to look at journaling for 2020.


Journal Trend #1: Shared Use

We used to get mad at our mom for reading our diary, but now moms (and dads, siblings, and spouses!) can be part of your personal journaling experience with the emerging trend of shared-use journals. These kinds of books become a “back-and-forth” exercise where two people respond to prompts or, in some cases, respond to each other’s entries.

Loom Journals offer this collaborative experience. They started with a parent-child journal, and late last year released their new couple’s journal. They call this practice “connective journaling,” but the idea is to follow the prompts and tips that are thoughtfully curated using leading marriage methodology to help you build a more fulfilling marriage. The Loom Love Journal is $34 and can be purchased at

Journal Trend #2: Focused Themes

Journals are no longer just a book of blank pages where you input your day’s events or insights. More and more journals are pointing you toward a specific goal or desire, such as gratitude, positivity, or confidence. This allows you to use the journal as a targeted tool of self-improvement. This trend applies to both adults and even kids, too!

The “Remarkable Me Children’s Journal” was created by a mom of 9 kids, who saw firsthand how the power of gratitude could change the focus, direction, and state of our children’s lives. Laura Solorzano believes that by focusing on what we have to be grateful for every day, children can let go of comparison, build self-confidence, and find more joy in their little lives.

Each page prompts the child to list three things they are grateful for from that day, as well as write a positive affirmation summarizing that day’s experience. Sprinkled throughout the daily worksheets are creative questions like “Who did you want to fist bump today?” or a picture page where the child physically draws what their day looked like. The pages are simplistic in design, with black and white artwork, and the art is energetic and eye-catching.

There is also a similar gratitude journal for adults called “Remarkable Now” that incorporates daily gratitude, goal-setting, and affirmations. Visit to purchase; use coupon code “2020” for 20% off through January 11, 2020.

Journal Trend #3: Prettier Design

This trend is easy to see – journals are getting prettier! As digital art advances, so have the covers, pages and overall designs of journals. Think scrapbook meets notebook!

We love the new-on-the-scene baby journals by Blossom Journal Company. Mom Brittany Hanse experienced that crushing guilt of realizing her oldest child was about to turn nine and, besides his baby book from the first year, she had written down almost nothing about his childhood. After searching for something that would be actually manageable and practical to keep up on, she couldn’t find a product that would do the job. The idea of daily prompts was unrealistic and overwhelming. So she decided to create a childhood memory book called “Each New Step.”

Designed with the busy mom in mind, the “Each New Step” book combines a baby book, school day book, and “funny things they say” book into one place. With just a few prompts each year, Hansen hopes it gives mom a doable way to pass down a beautiful gift when their child graduates! You can find the “Each New Step” journal at, or on Instagram at @blossomjournalco. The beautifully bound book is $55.

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