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3 Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Our Police Officers

It’s important to recognize the good, especially right now. Here is how to show your gratitude to Utah officers.

There is a lot of pain and hurt going on in the world. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the good. Police officers often work around the clock for our safety, so we found some ways to say thanks.

Studio 5 Producer Liana Tan shares three easy things to do to show gratitude to our officers.

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  • Despite the real effects of C-19, I have noticed a change in the people of our community. We are kinder to one another. It appears to me that although we have to limit our interactions with one another, these interactions seem to now be infused with consideration and care.
    We used to say in farewell, “Have a nice day”. Now, I’ve noticed people saying; “Take care”, “Be safe” and, “Stay well”.
    We may not have a cure yet for C-19, but I think, in many ways, this outbreak has cured our hearts and sensibilities.