Say hello to warm weather! 4 easy hikes for spring…

Get out and enjoy spring in Utah’s mountains! There are plenty of easy hikes around the valley that the whole family can do.

Natalie Ockey shares four fun and beautiful hikes you won’t want to miss out on this spring.

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4 of the Best Hikes for Spring

It’s time to get out and explore! Don’t miss the beauty of Utah’s mountains at this time of year. Here are four fun hikes that are easy enough for the whole family to get in on.

1. Bird Song Trail-Ogden
1.5 mi round-trip

This hike starts right at the mouth of Ogden canyon. There are three separate terrains you pass through. It’s almost like a rain forest at first and you’ll hear the birds singing.

When you come up out of the rain forest it’s more of a desert landscape, with sagebrush and cacti. Not to mention the incredible views.

Heading back down you’re in the forest with lots of fun trees to explore.

2. Bell Canyon Reservoir-Sandy
1 mi round-trip

Located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, this hike has a bit of a climb. The first 1/3 mile is steep, but kids should be able to handle it if you take it slow. You’ll still be able to see the stop light for a little while, but once you come up over the crest you’ll find the reservoir.

You’ll usually be able to see some ducks or geese swimming, and it’s the perfect stop for a snack or picnic lunch.

3. Rocky Mouth Falls-Sandy
0.4 mi to waterfall

Just a mile away from the Bell Canyon Reservoir hike down Wasatch Boulevard.

Park on the street and climb the stairs into a neighborhood. They don’t like people parking in the neighborhood, so walk past a few houses to the trail head.

You walk along the creek, and the rocks make some fun “caves” for kids to explore in.

In the spring the waterfall is huge. If the weather is warm enough, get your feet wet and enjoy the water.

4. Dripping Rock Falls-Spanish Fork
0.5 mi to the dripping rock

The Dripping Rock Trail is right by the golf course in Spanish Fork. This hike is accessible for everyone.

It’s paved the whole way, so you can take a stroller or push a wheelchair. You get to go through a tunnel, which is always an adventure for the kids.

After 0.5 miles you’ll get to the dripping rock. You can even cross the river and get behind it.

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