Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ski Jumper Kevin Bickner

We love the athlete’s story as much as we love the sport! All week we’re introducing you to local athletes you’ll see compete in prime time, so you can know a bit about them as you watch them in the moment. 

Enjoy these FYI facts about local Olympic ski jumper Kevin Bickner. 

FYI #1: He comes from a family of skiers. His dad is a member of the USA Nordic Sports board of directors 

FYI #2: He holds a national record: The USA distance record holder of 244.5 meters 

FYI #3: He’s free spirited. He got in trouble for climbing to the top of the school flagpole when he was in the first grade! 

FYI #4: That adventurous spirit makes him a lover of travel and the outdoors. 

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