4 Fresh Thanksgiving Tablescapes

We all know that Thanksgiving dinner is the pinnacle point for the month of
November. It’s all about spending time with family, eating yummy food, and
enjoying time together.

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares 4 fun ways to dress up your
Thanksgiving table and entertain guests this holiday.

Little Turkey Table:

I wanted to make this table super exciting for the little kids. So we first about
a week ago went to Color Me Mine in Provo with Grandma and had each of
the kids paint a plate. They didn’t know that these are the plates they would
be eating their thanksgiving dinner on. They had loads of fun with grandma
and I can’t wait to see their faces when they see the plate they made!

Here are a few more ideas for your table

Coloring Placemat – Make the kid’s place setting a place of entertainment.
Find the free download for this placemat at:


Thankful Bingo with stickers – Every time you eat something, look on your
bingo card for a picture of what you just ate, (turkey, stuffing) and put a
sticker on it. When you filled up the card, bring it to grandma!

Oreo Turkeys (Idea found on www.ourbestbites.com). The
treat from
grandma could be making this little Oreo turkey. What a great way to get the
kids to eat all their dinner!

Crayon Roll up – Make simple crayon rolls for the kids to use for their
placemat, and to take home with their plate!

Turkey Juice Box Name Plate – Wrap a juice with paper, attach a picture and
some feathers! Every little turkey will know just exactly where he or she gets
to sit!

Curved fork – Eating dinner is always more fun when you get a funny utensil
to eat with. Use a heat gun to curve the fork around your napkin, spoon and

Butcher paper for Tablecloth – A great way to relax about the food on your
nice tablecloth, and another great coloring surface for the kids!

Thankful for Teens!

I always remember as a teen going to Thanksgiving dinner and it being
boring. Once the food was over, then what did you do? Here are a few ideas
on this table setting to keep those teens excited!

Non-traditional colors! I used the Spice Cake line from Stampin’ Up! to
inspire my color scheme.
Paper Plates – Paper Plates don’t have to be dull, check out these I found at
Hobby Lobby
Paper Décor – Make the table look inviting (paper fan, and paper scallop
circle for placemat)
Place Cards – Cute die cut shape attached to a cloths pin & a pencil.
Paint Cans wrapped in paper – A Crush bottled soda, and utensils, bow with
ripped fabric, a little tissue paper to make it fabulous!
Family Trivia Questions – Keep the teens busy while they try to find out which
person at your thanksgiving dinner goes with those silly questions!!
Pie in the middle of the table – Just a temptation to get them excited to eat
all their dinner! wink wink!
Thankful Banner with pumpkins – Just a reason to remind the teens why it is
we celebrate thanksgiving!

Casual Adult –
Some Families don’t care to use the beautiful china, or maybe they don’t own
any. Here is a really inexpensive way to use what you have, and still make it
look amazing!

Plates – Used the yellow plates I had at home (purchased at Target)
Burlap Placemats – Cut and stenciled with yellow stencil paint
Burlap Utensil Holders – Cut and quickly sewn, wrap with torn fabric and cute
large button (Stampin Up!)
Fabric Napkins – Made with Stampin Up! Fabric I had left over
Corn husks – Purchased Corn husks at a Latino Grocery store. (Used to make
Utensils – Use your everyday Utensils
Mason Jars for drinking glass – Tags, stamped with monogram, attached
with ripped fabric
Thank you card – A great way to show appreciation for someone. Have your
guests write them, and have the host deliver them!
Centerpiece – Flowers, with lemons – Try wrapping vase in Burlap as well!

Adult Formal
This is a very sentimental table. I wanted to find a way to spark memories in
the guests at my table. Surrounding my guests in pictures, and a very soft
white color pallet, allowed for endless possibilities!

Start with a white tablecloth (mine was slightly off white), White cloth
napkins, White paper doilies, Sliver Utensils, and clear class stemware.
Monogram plates – I got plain white plates at TJ Maxx, Used a porcelain
marker purchased at Michaels, created a stencil using a die cut machine, and
drew the monogram on. Then I baked the plate for a few minutes to solidify
the monogram! Much cheaper than purchasing them for each guest!
Glitter fake pumpkins – purchased at Hobby Lobby. Places a rolled piece of
paper for nameplate.
Transparency pattern paper – wrap around napkin to give color.
Photo Clips – Display pictures of previous thanksgiving dinners
Centerpiece – Clear glass vases displaying vegetables in a decorative way …
add a little nutrition to your dinner!

Conclusion –

You don’t have to use every idea on every place setting. Mix and match the
place settings shown to create a memorable atmosphere for you
Thanksgiving table. It is super easy to get overwhelmed, so just do as much
as you have time for!

For more detailed images, downloads, and instructions on all of these place
settings, be sure to visit http://mandydouglass.blogspot

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