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Bring the theater to you! Here are 5 new ways to get your movie fix in quarantine

You can still get your movie fix, you just have to get creative! Grab the popcorn and settle in on the couch, or in your car, for a feature presentation.

By Lauren Tippetts

Is the song “Let’s Go to The Movies” running through your head, taunting you? Us, too. We might not be able to hit the theater, but there is some good news! Bless technology, because it’s easier than ever to watch movies with your friends and family, without breaking your social distancing track record. Plus, some local theaters are making sure you can get your movie fix while keeping that six foot distance. So not all hope is lost! Next time you want a theater experience, try one (or all) of these five adaptive ideas.

Movie Theater Popcorn From Megaplex

The best way to really get your movie fix is the popcorn. Homemade has its merits, but it can’t beat the movie theater version. And now, are you ready for this? You can get the buttery goodness and take it home! The good people at Megaplex are making it easy. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Get the Megaplex App.
  2. Choose “Food and Drink” from the menu.
  3. Choose your theater.
  4. If you have a 2020 bucket, choose pickup refill (they won’t actually refill the tub, you just have to prove you have one). If you don’t, just choose regular pickup.
  5. When you get to the theater, choose start order in the app.
  6. An employee will bring your order out to you!

Drive Up Concessions

We’re hearing of smaller, hometown theaters offering curbside concessions, too. For example, Walker Cinemas in Brigham City has their gourmet popcorn ready to grab on Friday and Saturday evening. They’ve had quite the line-up as families snag a treat for those at-home movie nights!

Water Gardens Drive-In Movies

The old school drive-in movie is back in 2020! Water Gardens Theater in Pleasant Grove is doing drive-in movies Monday-Thursday. Tickets are $15 per vehicle for a single movie, or $20 for a double feature. They recently started $10 Tuesdays, when all tickets are just 10 bucks. The theater is located at 912 Garden Drive, Pleasant Grove.

Netflix Party

Part of the fun of watching a movie is doing it with other people. Since we can’t gather right now, we have technology coming to the rescue, again! Netflix recently released Netflix Party, where you can gather up a group virtually and get your movie fix together. They’ve even included a chat where you can keep a conversation going. Find all the details for setting it up here. Looking for something good to watch? Find the newest family movies you can stream here.

Make Your Own Stop Action Movie

Here is a more creative way to get your movie fix. Turn your family into the cast! Trisha Zemp (@trishazemp) has an awesome Stop Motion Kids Camp. Find it here. It is a great introduction into stop motion, and any age can participate!

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