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Think bigger than In ‘n Out…5 date night experiences for the foodie couples out there

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a date night to In ‘n Out. If that’s what you like, or what you have time for, go for it! But we’re making a case for some foodie date night experiences. These recommendations go beyond just a meal. In some cases, it’s a class, in others, it’s a sleigh ride to your dinner destination! We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Studio 5 Foods Producer Chelsea Fairbourn shares her top five picks for an over-the-top date night experience. The price on these events ranges from $20-$200 per person, a little more than your average burger joint. But, the memories will make it all worth it.


5 Foodie Date Night Experiences

The Rest

Location: 331 S Main St., Salt Lake City
What makes it unique: This spot is literally hidden beneath a cocktail bar called Bodega. Their menu is very inventive, and they don’t serve just one particular cuisine.


Gygi Classes

Location: 350 S 300 W, Salt Lake City
What makes it unique: Gygi has a bunch of classes to try. They are super interactive, perfect for any skill level, and at the end of the night, you go home with treats and an apron!


The Viking Yurt

Location: 1345 Lowell Avenue, Park City
Open: December-March
What makes it unique: You are literally riding in a sleigh to a beautiful yurt for some European fine dining! Not an experience you will forget any time soon.


Umami Japanese Barbecue

Location: 568 N Mill Road, Vineyard
What makes it unique: The restaurant is laid out buffet style, and you grill at your table!



Location: 117 N University Avenue, Provo
What makes it unique: Get a taste of everything! There are two ways to go here: 1. reserve an afternoon tea and taste what you want, 2. schedule a fondue chocolate tasting class.

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