5 Days 5 Ways: DIY Game Table Chandelier

5 Days 5 Ways: DIY Game Table Chandelier

It’s Day 2 of our “5 Days 5 Ways” series, where we challenge Studio 5
Contributors to come up with something new and different using the same
item; bingo inspired wood calendar numbers by Maya Road.

Blogger Bre Phelps with Chikkaboom shares her creative idea to make a game
table chandelier using the numbers.

We used soup can tops for the medallions. We also used jewelry wiring and
beads, then we glued on the bingo chips. We wanted to bulk up the game
pieces so they had more impact. Then we used a light kit to add the bulb to
the fixture.

Check out our decorating blog CHIKKABOOM. The idea started like thirty
years ago when our fabulous mommy had her first girl. Then another girl and
another so on and so forth (our poor lonely brother!) She taught us to make
our environment beautiful and in turn, we felt beautiful inside!

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