Saffron Valley Indian Street Food

Saffron Valley Indian Street Food

Saffron Valley is part of a new wave of innovative Indian restaurants that’s
changing the image of Indian food. Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Nawabi Chicken
Kebab, Delhi Chaat and Saffron Mixed Platter with simmer sauce are a few of
the more spectacular creations.

Born of Hindu Naidu parents in Southern India, Owner Lavanya Mahate
opened Saffron Valley in February 2011.

Saffron Valley is a sleek, orange-and saffron-hued space complete with
utilitarian track lights and bright contemporary wall art highlighting various
regions of India. In a nutshell- hip, hot and cool pretty much sum up the
food just right, as it does the interior design’s blend of contemporary lines
with traditional colors.

Redefining Indian food, the dishes of Saffron Valley are rooted in tradition
while at the same time pushing the culinary edge. Owner Lavanya Mahate
and Head Chef Kannan capture the flavors of their homeland, adding their
own flair to create dishes that are deliciously flavorful. The trick seems to be
amazing subtlety. Not one to be bound by tradition, Mahate brings
traditional street foods of India to the table with the sweet, sour, salty and
spicy chaats. Tender, fresh corn kernels, garbanzo beans and diced potatoes
tossed with mint leaves and fantastically crunchy bits of papdi get drizzled
with not one but four sauces – a tart tamarind chutney, a fresh verdant
cilantro, a cooling yogurt and a pungent garlic sauce.

Saffron Valley’s interpretation of the street-food snack pani poori is ethereal
– fried and hollow puffed orbs of semolina, stuffed (through a tiny hole) with
a filling of diced potatoes, garbanzo beans and bean sprouts. The idea is to
pour a tad of tamarind sauce into the opening and pop the whole pani into
your mouth as the flavors and textures explode.

Also available at the restaurant is the East India Spiceblends: the blends can
be bought at Saffron Valley restaurant or online at

For further information contact:

Saffron Valley

1098 W South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, UT-84095


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