Blickenstaff’s Toy Store

Blickenstaff’s Toy Store

Want to feel like a kid in a candy store again? Stop by Blickenstaff’s Toy Store
and experience the magic.

The weather is cooling down and if you are looking for a great way for your
kids to pass the time indoors look no further than Blickenstaff’s toy store in
the Shops at Riverwoods in Provo. Blickenstaff’s has a huge selection of
products that can’t be beat. Blickenstaff’s carries brand-name items, along
with its huge selection of rare and vintage toys, candies, sodas and
collectibles. Everything from games, puzzles, toys, candies, art supplies,
dolls, outdoor items, science products and so much more can be found at

“A few of the most popular items available at Blickenstaff’s right now include
Spot It, a great card game for kids, the Ezy Rider, the most popular riding toy
on the market today, and Slap Watches, a watch that is similar to the Slap
Bands that were popular in the early nineties,” says Blickenstaff’s Store
Manager Kyle Aldous. “We have so many items that are great for kids and for
the entire family to enjoy together.”

Blickenstaff’s was founded in May 2010 by Jeremy Blickenstaff. It sells
hundreds of items that can’t be found in traditional big box stores.
“Blickenstaff’s toys and games are from all over the world and everything is
hand-selected,” says Aldous. “Young and old alike venture to Blickenstaff’s to
enjoy good, old-fashioned fun.”

As a special offer for Studio 5 viewers, Blickenstaff’s will be offering 50
percent off bulk candy purchases through the end of the week. To take
advantage of this great offer and to find countless ways to keep your kids
entertained, be sure to visit Blickenstaff’s toy store today.

Blickenstaff’s is located at 4801 N. University Avenue, Ste. 470 in the Shops
at Riverwoods in Provo. Its store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10
a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, call (801)426-9300, or visit where
you can find toy reviews and daily/weekly specials.

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