$5 Dollar Challenge Finalist: DIY Kindle Cover

$5 Dollar Challenge finalist Angela Flint created a cover that can give your wallet a rest and your eyes a treat!

Step 1-
Remove the pages from your book so that only the cover remains. (Use the pages of the book for other fun Studio 5 projects that have been shown on recent shows) You will be covering both the front and back cover of the book with scrapbook paper and leaving the spine exposed.

Step 2-
Choose 1- 12X12 piece of paper that you want to be your cover. (You will need the heavy cardstock for the inside cover) Cut it in half so you will have 2- 6X12 pieces. Depending on the size of your book, you will want to trim each piece so there is approximately ½” to 1″ of paper showing around the book edges. For the book I used, I took about 2″ off so I ended up with 2- 6″X10″ pieces of paper for the covers. (Save the scraps to use for inside pockets or other decorations on the cover.)

Step 3-
Mod Podge both cover pieces to the book, leaving the spine exposed, and let dry. Once the Mod Podge has dried (aprox. 5 min) flip the book over and fold in the edges. Tape the edges down with clear tape to help secure them until the next step.

Step 4- (Optional)
I cover the outside of my covers with Mod Podge. It gives them more durability and they are easier to clean. If you choose to do this step, make sure they are completely dry before you move on.

Step 5-
Choose a coordinating duck tape for the spine of the book. With the book lying flat with covers up, duck tape the spine leaving a couple inches at each end to wrap around to the inside. The tape should completely cover the gap that was left between the covers, creating your new spine.

Step 6-
Flip the book over so the inside is now facing you. Take one more piece of the duck tape and place it on the inside of the spine. Make sure the tape is exactly the length of the spine so there is no over hang. This completes the spine.

Step 7-
Measure the inside covers of your book leaving about a ¼” margin. Using your second piece of scrapbook paper (heavy cardstock), cut it to your inside cover measurements. Do not cover the spine of the book. On the side not holding the Kindle (usually the left side) be creative. I put a pocket in mine using the scraps of the cover that were cut off. It is completely optional what you do; you can even leave it plain. Once you have finished doing what you want to the inside left cover, Mod Podge it on.

Step 8-
The inside right cover is a little more involved. This is where you will secure your Kindle, so you should have your Kindle for measurement and placement purposes. I found it easiest to use small ponytails to hold the corners. However, I also used elastic. Before you attach the right inside cover to the book, attach your elastic to the paper using duck tape. Check the positioning using your kindle and make any adjustments before moving on.

Step 9-
Once the elastic has been attached, it is now time to Mod Podge your inside left cover to the book. It is best to place some type of weight on it while it dries. Once it has dried check to make sure it is attached firmly to the book. If it lifts up or pulls away use more Mod Podge or hot glue in some areas will help secure it better.

Step 10-
Embellish!!! Add any decorations or “bling” to your cover to make it your own. Secure your Kindle inside and you are good to go. Enjoy!

Keeping your expensive tech items safe is really important, and you don’t have to break the bank thanks to Angela’s creative craft.

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