Photo by Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

5 Fun Facts About Alpine Skier Isabella Wright

We love the athlete’s story as much as we love the sport! All week we’re introducing you to local athletes you’ll see compete in prime time, so you can know a bit about them as you watch them in the moment. 

Find out what’s underneath the speed of alpine skier Isabella Wright with these FYI facts. 

FYI #1: She’s passionate. She says skiing is her escape and her livelihood. 

FYI #2: She’s a thrill seeker. She says it herself; she loves the thrill of skiing. This makes her a fearless competitor! 

FYI #3: She’s been vegan since birth. She was born and raised vegan, making her a major animal lover. 

FYI #4: Her family is her everything. She’s the youngest of two brothers, and she credits her dad as her biggest influence. 

 FYI #5: She’s a Clint Eastwood fanatic. She owns every Clint Eastwood film and collects all things Clint Eastwood. 

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