5 Men’s Wardrobe “Must Haves”

5 Men’s Wardrobe “Must Haves”

Whether a man dresses himself or gets a little help from his wife, there are
basic essentials that should be in every closet. Check your wardrobe and then
check our list to see what you need.

Sky Grant is the owner of D. Grant, Ltd., one of Utah’s finest men’s clothing
stores and he reveals his list of five “must haves”.

1. Black sportcoat

2. Gray flannel flat front pants

3. Microfiber 5-pocket pants

4. Vest

5. Crossover boots

D. Grant, Ltd has two stores, one is Gateway and one it Foothill Village at
1354 Foothill Drive (801)953-1380. You can find them online at http://www.dgrantltd.com/

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