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5 Natural Gifts That Will Help You Face Challenges

Spring is a time to reset. Find new hope in our lives. Reconnect with your natural gifts and you will be able to face any challenge that comes your way.

Dr. Matt Townsend shares five gifts that will help you in tough situations.

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The Spring Reset

Spring is the season of growth and change. Just as nature uses this time of year to reset itself, we can use spring to find new hope in our own lives. The best way to do a spring reset is to reconnect with our natural gifts.

Here are five natural gifts ever human has that can help us better meet life’s challenges:


Self-awareness is a beginning guide to what you can and cannot improve. It helps you be realistic about your goals and potential.


Empathy is about being aware of others. As you understand others around you, you will become a more substantive person.


Vision is when we engage with our future state and possibilities. Knowing what you want tomorrow, will determine what your response to today will be.

Creative Imagination

Creative imagination is what inventors, musicians, artists, and advertisers use to push how we think about the world. You have to create a space where your creative thinking is accepted and revered.


Your conscience is what guides you to understand the difference between right and wrong. Act on your values and your character will grow in integrity.

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