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5 indoor field trips so new, you’ve probably never heard of them

Winter got you down? These indoor field trips are fun for kids and mom!

The winter season is all fun and games, until it drags on and on. If your kids are going a little stir crazy, and if you are feeling it too, get out and try something new! Utah has a whole host of fun indoor field trips, and new ones are popping up all the time.

Melisa Osmond shares five activities to get you out of the house and into some fun! These indoor field trips involve all kinds of things, from getting a bite to eat to getting the wiggles out.

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Indoor Field Trips to Beat the Freeze

Cake Creations Studio – Provo

This is a brand new do-it-yourself design and decorate cake studio, just opened in January. You can decorate a 6-inch cake or cupcakes. They provide everything, with all the frostings, supplies, and tools to decorate. It is the cutest studio too! They have bakers there to help with anything you need. It is fun for family night, date night, and they do parties. The owner, Pete Tidwell, has won Cake Wars twice on Food Network. It is such a fun place, and the cake is so delicious too. You have to check it out!

Utah Taste Off – Trolley Square – Salt Lake City

This is so much fun. You go and become the judge of the “best” in Utah. They’ve done chocolate chip cookies, donuts, and the last one was Best Sugar Cookie in Utah. It is the ultimate taste testing, and you are the judge! They have a soda bar, cute photo ops, and you get the cookies to take home along with a swag bag. They also do really fun raffles and giveaways. It’s a whole event! They are doing eight more taste off’s this year: best cinnamon rolls, cheese, BBQ, ice cream, pies and more. It is perfect for girls night, date night, and family fun. Tickets go fast!

The Ninja Playground – Lehi

This is a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Gym. They have weekly classes and also open gym that you can just go and play on all the obstacles. The coolest part is all the coaches and staff have all been on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. It’s so fun. If you love the show, go on a Thursday night at open gym, 7pm-9pm. That is when the staff are all practicing. It is so fun to watch the Ninja Warriors. This is great for all ages to play. Melisa saw little tiny kids there and moms rocking it on the obstacles courses! Melisa’s son and his friend loved it.

Vampire Penguin – American Fork

It might be cold and snowing, but this is snow you can eat! This is a must try for a family treat night. It’s not just shaved ice, and it’s not just ice cream. It’s more light, shaved ice cream. No one can explain it, so you literally have to just try it. It is low calorie too, which is really cool. It got the name because everyone that goes says “this is nothing like I thought it would be.” This is something you just have to try! Melisa’s family loved it! It is beyond yummy. Some flavors include: cotton candy, mango, strawberry, chocolate mint, and banana cream with toppings. On Mondays they offer $1 off.

Stirs – Midvale

This will be your kid’s new favorite restaurant! It is floor to ceiling cereal. Literally! They have all your favorite sugary cereal, even Lucky Charms with just the marshmallows. It is decorated with cereal boxes from 90’s, so you’ll feel all the nostalgia. March 7th is National Cereal Day, so if you are a cereal lover, this is a must visit.

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