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5 of the Funnest Fall Field Trips in Utah

Kids, and parents, are practically itching for a day or two off of school this time of year. Fall break is that saving grace, so take a little adventure while you have the time!

Mindy Dunyon shares some of the best fall field trips around Utah, shared by some of our Studio 5 viewers.


Fun Fall Field Trips for Fall Break

Crystal Hot Springs

This destination is just off I-15 in Honeyville. It’s open year round and has water slides and pools. It is so pretty this time of year, with the mountains in the background and the fall leaves.

Logan Canyon and Green Canyon

Logan and Green Canyons are full of fun hiking spots! A few are Riverside Nature Trail, Stokes Nature Center Trail, and Spring Hollow Campground.

Brim Trail

This trail is near Powder Mountain. It’s a 7 mile loop for bikers level beginner up to expert. It takes you to a giant steel paper airplane, and you can even ride your bike on it. After you’re done adventuring, go to the lodge at Powder Mountain and grab some tacos!

Lagoon trail

This trail is located on the East side of Lagoon Amusement Park. It’s tucked away, and you can look into Lagoon and see some of the rides and animals. It’s a paved path, so you can take the scooters, the stroller, and the bikes. There are so many pretty leaves, and it’s a great spot for family photos.

Park City

If you park across the street from the white barn, you can hop on the bike path and ride through nature. They also have scarecrows put up by the barn this time of year. Take the path up to Main Street to grab dinner. The drive up to Deer Valley and Guardsman Pass to see the leaves. It is so beautiful this time of year!

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