5 Photos to Snap this Season

Every December we take pictures of the Christmas tree or the kids on Christmas morning. This year, make sure they stand out with the latest picture-taking trends.
Photographer Kristin Wilkerson has a list of five photos to snap this season, complete with fresh angles to try.

Sometimes I feel like as moms we spend so much time taking pictures during the holidays and special events in our life that we don’t take time to relax and enjoy the moment. We need to have recorded memories of our children’s lives and if we have a plan of action we can maybe save some time and actually enjoy the holidays instead of constantly photographing them. So I have 5 shots that you don’t want to miss this season and once you have them you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Playing in The Snow: If I’m being honest I kind of hate the snow. And it’s so much work to bundle your kids up and take them out to play in the snow for 5 minutes and then have them come back inside. So if we are going to go to all that work I think we deserve at least to have some pictures of those joyful 5 minutes to remember it!

*My favorite shot is the kids blowing snow at the camera. It gives such a magical winter feel, that I think is great to hang up with our winter décor.

Christmas Tree: Christmas trees are so magical and I think that it’s fun to look back and remember your Christmas tree throughout the years. I love looking back at when my kids were toddlers and only the decorations on the top half of the tree made it until Christmas. Christmas trees have a lot of meaning and they are personal to each family you don’t want to miss getting pictures of them.

*My favorite Christmas Tree trend this year is the out of focus Christmas tree. I think it’s so beautiful and magical.

Letters to Santa: Letters to Santa always crack me up. I love how ambitious kids are and how they think Santa is practically a millionaire. The cute little handwriting and the concentrated look on their face are definitely things you want to remember.

*My favorite “Letters to Santa” shot is over their shoulder. I love the sneaky feeling it gives off and how it shows that precious little handwriting.

Christmas Morning: My oldest child is almost 8 years old and although he still is excited about Christmas he doesn’t run in the room with that chin to the floor excited face anymore. So for me, one shot I don’t want to miss is the younger kids’ excitement on Christmas morning. Capturing the excitement is a memory worth recording.

*My favorite Christmas morning shot is the kids’ faces as they see their presents for the first time.

New Year’s Party: It’s the one day of the year my kids get to stay up so late! I think it’s a holiday that gets overlooked in the photography department sometimes. But it’s a great way to record the start of each year. From party hats to falling asleep on the couch, you don’t want to overlook new years.

*My favorite shot for new years is the last picture of the night. When as hard as they tried to stay awake they just couldn’t make it and they pass out on the couch. It’s a memory I don’t want to miss.

Kristen Wilkerson is a professional photographer in Logan, Utah. You can find more of her work here: www.kristinwilkerson.com.

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