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Lessons From the Sidelines: 5 things to learn from a memorable football moment

We can learn a lot from this memorable football moment.

If sports are a metaphor for life, there is no better example on how we need to be there for others than what we saw in the BYU vs Baylor Football game.

As the fans stormed the field after their double overtime victory and the entire stadium erupted into cheers. BYU’s quarterback Jaren Hall hugged and held BYU’s kicker Jake Oldroyd who was in tears celebrating the victory that he had almost lost for the Cougars after missing two makeable field goals. They embraced for minutes. Neither pulled away, and neither stormed the field. They were just content being there for each other.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend said that for him, it was the most important thing that happened at the game because it taught us the importance of caring for one another. Matt shares the five life lessons he learned from this memorable moment.

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