5 Things to Throw Away Today

Beauty junkies, this challenge is for you! Before you turn your make-up bag into a breeding ground for bacteria, here are five things to throw away today.

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone lays it out.

1. Summer sunscreen set to expire by end of year. We all “collect and accumulate” bottles of sunscreen for summer play but forget that the expiration date IS REAL. Don’t put your skin at risk.)

2. Mascara that is older than 3 months. This one product is a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Shimmer bronzer if you are over 35. Summer cosmetic counters tease us with this treat and we often succumb. Going into winter, chose the IDEAL matte bronzer to keep your skin glowing without the disco sparkle.

4. Lip gloss that requires more than the effort to remove lid and apply. We all have these in our purses or pockets. The lip gloss that we love that we try to scrape the sides, or roll like a toothpaste tube.
The fact is, this should be your EASIEST beauty product and should be applied effortlessly.

5. I DARE you to throw out the ONE product in your beauty drawer that you have picked up and put down more than 2x. Whether a blue eye shadow, a burgundy lipstick or other, use this opportunity to MAKE ROOM for something you will use EVERY TIME YOU PICK IT UP.

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