5 Unique Utah Burgers to Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day

Meat, cheese, bun. It’s the classic combination that has been feeding American appetites since the beginning of time…but burgers have a creative side, too. In honor of National Cheeseburger Day (yes, it’s really a thing!) we’re highlighting some of the most unique burger finds around the state of Utah. Our criteria? Distinctive, easy on the eyes (try not to lick the screen!) and drool-worthy.

1. “Pastrami, Mushroom & Swiss” at CHOM Burger

This burger is the adventurous foodie starter kit. It has a traditional beef patty base with pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a kick of CHOM super secret sauce to top it off. It has just the right amount of spunk to get you off the “plain Jane” cheeseburger train and onto the path of foodie self-discovery.

2. “CHE Burger” at Cubby’s

This burger has it all. Top sirloin patty, smoked bacon, cheese, tomato, balsamic onions, fried egg, FRIES, and homemade horseradish steak sauce – all topped off with a brioche bun. Individually, each ingredient is a standout. Combine all of them together and you have a Rockstar burger with a flavor personality to boot.

3. “Fiery Furnace” at Proper Burger

As if the name of the burger didn’t tell you already, this is not for the faint of heart. It’s got a kick that will wake your taste buds up in the best way. Buffalo sauce, garlic aioli, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato, and pickled jalapeno make this burger burst with flavor. It’s far from being the only unique burger on the menu at Proper. Try the Rising Sun and Sundance Kid if you have friends eager to help you work your way through the menu.

4. “Kill Me Softly” at Chedda Burger

Is this even a list of unique burgers without a Chedda Burger mention? Definitely not. The Kill Me Softly burger is without a doubt one of the most unique burgers we’ve come across in all of our “research.” It is served on a Krispy Kreme donut. That’s right, a Krispy Kreme donut. Does it need more of an explanation than that? Probably. But for now, just know that you can legitimately combine dinner and dessert in one bite.

5. “The Egg Burger” at From Scratch SLC

This burger is a really great take on a classic (with a twist, of course!). It’s served on their house brioche bun with two eggs, chopped onion, house mustard aioli, and beehive cheddar. It may sound like a run of the mill burger, but everything at From Scratch is literally made from scratch and is over-the-top tasty. After sending your taste buds on a wild goose chase around the state, settle in with an egg burger at From Scratch. It will cleanse your palate in the best way and end your burger tour on a high note. (P.S. Since calories clearly aren’t the guiding star of this conversation, do yourself a favor and also order the Risotto Cake – it’s delightful!)

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