5 Ways, 1 Day: Gumdrops

Who knew there is a holiday to celebrate gumdrops! The sweet and
colorful candy not only tastes good, but it’s the perfect treat to craft with!

Studio 5 asked 5 bloggers to celebrate National Gumdrop Day with a
challenge: to create something totally unique using gumdrops!

Sweet Shop Gumdrop Game

· This project was created by Kirsten Wright. Kirsten is a mother of 4
and has been a crafter her whole entire life. She is one of 5 editors at
thecraftingchicks.com where
they inspire others to create handmade DIY,
craft, sewing, recipes, and home decor projects.

· Materials Needed: 3 Mason Jars, Mason jar lids with a cutout, striped
twine, 2 bags of gumdrops, Tags that are available on
thecraftingchicks.com, hole

· Fill the jar to the top and screw the lid on. Then you take the twine and
make about 10-15 strips of 15″ twine and tie a knot around the neck of the
Mason jar. Then you go to thecraftingchicks.com and print
out the tags
and simply use a hole punch and small piece of twine to fasten all the tags
to the knotted twine around the neck of the jar.

· Instructions for the game: This game is a fun conversation piece for
friends & family. There are 7 colors of gumdrops in the jar. Each color has
a coordinating tag that when you pick a gumdrop out of the jar, you answer
the questions on the tag that coordinates with that color. This makes for a
fun and “SWEET” way to snuggle up and have a fun conversation full of love
& laughs.


red: “Tell me about something about 3 things you love most….”
orange: “Tell me about something that’s smelly…”
yellow: “Tell me about something that made you happy today…”
green: “Tell me about your favorite things to do outside…”
purple: “Tell me about something that was silly today…”
black: “Tell me about something that makes you mad…”
white: “Tell me about a time when someone was nice to you…”

Gumdrop Pixie Dolls and Game

· This was created by Risa Baker. Risa is a stay-at-home mom who loves
to decorate, craft and cook, but mostly enjoys creating a childhood for her
kids that is magical and unforgettable. She blogs at
, which is full of everything from crafting,
decorating, and cooking to creative party ideas.

· Check out Risa’s blog for printable downloads to make your own Pixie
Doll Game.

Spring Gumdrop Centerpiece

· This was created by Kami Watson. Kami blogs at Sweet Charli
where her motto is be simple, be sweet. Her
blog offers simple projects for simple gals on a simple budget. Be sure to
visit her online shop containing sweet apparel for your sweet girl!

· Live directions: Gumdroptut1 (in a clear vase), Gumdrop 2, gumdrop3
(place setting)


Gumdrop Girlfriend Gift (Just dropping in to say you are my “sole” mate)

· This was created by Brooke Ulrich at the blog, All Things Thrifty
(allthingsthrifty.com). It’s the
perfect girlfriend gift for any occasion
because good girlfriends are the GLUE that holds your life together. The
inspiration comes from all those amazing people in our lives we need to
thank. A little treat is a great way to tell them that you are thinking about
them. “Dropping” off a treat {a spin off of the gum DROP} is the perfect way
to tell them that you are grateful that they are in your life.

· Find the dowloadable pattern at allthingsthrifty.com.

· Brooke’s blog proves decorating can be inexpensive! Brooke Ulrich is a
mom of four who loves peanut butter M&M’s, Diet Coke, and is OBSESSED
with decorating!

Gumdrop Machine

· This was created by Mandi Gubler. Mandi blogs at Vintage Revivals

. Mandi took an old beat up gumball machine
that she thrifted for $5. She spray painted it with Satin White and filled it
with Gumdrops. The key to this looking extra chic is by layering the colors
of gumdrops. It makes it more of a design element than a diet killer.

· Mandi decorates and redecorates (and redecorates) to keep her sanity!
She has been on The Nate Show a few times and her House Proud Video is
the most viewed on his site ever!

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