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5 Ways to Make Fitness Part of Family Life

We talk a lot about making time for your own workouts. But what about your kids? They need to get up and moving too, especially after long hours of sitting at a desk.

Metta Semrad shares her best tips for making fitness part of family life.

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5 Tips to Make Fitness Part of Family Life

1. Schedule it in with pen

If you schedule workout time in pen, you can’t erase it. Make it a priority for you and your family. If you put it on your calendar, on your schedule, on your to-do list, it will be hard to miss.

2. Find something everyone loves to do

If you’ve got littles and bigs, you have to find activities that will work for both of them. Sometimes, the big kids will understand that your doing something for the younger ones. But try to find an activity everyone will enjoy. You wouldn’t pull your kids away from their toys to go on a 10 mile run! It can even be as simple as going to the park. Make it something fun and something different.

3. Look for ways to include little kids

The little kids have the most energy, so you just need to get them moving. Play tag, see who can run faster. Get them engaged and play with them. You can even workout with your kids and make them your weights. They think it’s fun, and you get a workout!

4. Get outside!

Get out and enjoy some fresh air. Even just go for a walk! The leaves are super pretty right now. Head up the canyon on a little nature walk, and if there’s a slight incline, bonus points!

5. Set family goals

Find something to look forward to. Say your kids love running. Put a race on the calendar and work towards that goal together! Set some benchmark goals you can work on as a family to get to your final goal.

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