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6 Parenting Reminders We All Need to Hear


  • Heather, I am 63 years old and my 5 children are grown with families of their own. I wish when I was raising our children I would have had your advice and help with parenting. I think I would have been a better Mother. You are so insightful and helpful. Thank you so much for all your advice. I appreciate you even at my age.

  • Heather,
    I love this segment of reminders for parents. I have a question though. You mentioned asking our children to do things instead of telling them to do things. I totally see your rational in that thinking. However, I use to ask my girls to do things and one day my dad asked me why I did that. I told him I didn’t really know. He pointed out to me that in asking them to do it, I was giving them the option to say no, and that if they chose no as their answer I needed to be ok with that. With that rational I changed to telling them when I need them to do something ending with please. I have a 4 year old daughter that if I continually asked her to do things instead of telling her she needs to do things, she would constantly tell me no. (She tells me know even when telling her) How do I treat them like little adults as you said, but not give them that option to do what I need them to do in that moment? Ex. Get their shoes on to go to school.