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Our heroes! 6 ways people are showing gratitude to the medical professionals

By Chelsea Fairbourn

Some heroes wear capes, and others wear scrubs! During this coronavirus crisis, the medical professionals are earning all the gold stars. They leave their homes and families to help those that can’t help themselves – to help us. Even if we aren’t personally on the front lines, we can all find creative ways to show our support and gratitude to those who are. Here are some of our favorite gestures, big and small.

  1. How to Draw Health Heroes

The Art for Kids Hub YouTube page released a video tutorial earlier this week that teaches kids and parents alike how to draw real life heroes, aka health heroes! The tutorial itself is darling and the duo behind the page frequently references how important medical professionals are to our communities and the role they play, regardless of whether or not there is an ongoing health crisis. They recommend turning the finished drawings into thank you notes that you can send to hospitals digitally or share via social media. If nothing else, it gives you and your family an activity, and simultaneously shows love to a profession that keeps our world humming and healthy.

  1. Vivint SmartHome Arena “Lights it Blue”
Vivint SmartHome Arena

When you can’t say “thank you” face to face, you have to get a little creative. Last week, cities around the country swapped white lights for blue lights and lit their skylines, arenas, and airports up in bright blue to say “thank you” to medical professionals and essential employees working tirelessly to keep our cities running. Vivint SmartHome Arena in downtown Salt Lake City joined in, as did Madison Square Garden in New York, the Dallas skyline in Texas, and Los Angeles International Airport. If you want to see the unity in full force, search “Light it Blue” on Instagram or Twitter.

  1. Project Protect
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Local organizations in Salt Lake City are teaming up to show their gratitude and support through action and you can help! Project Protect has put a call out to the community to help them make medical-grade face masks. If you’re able, you can volunteer, they provide the materials and the pattern, you make the masks, they sterilize the masks and distribute them to care providers that need them. For more information about the equipment required and how to get involved, visit their website,

  1. #StayHomeFor

People around the world are sharing images and videos on social media declaring who they’re “staying home” for. The idea is that by staying home, you’re protecting people you love from potentially contracting COVID-19. Thousands of these #stayhomefor posts are dedicated to medical professionals. Consider it a digital thank you note of sorts and post one of your own. If you’re after warm fuzzies, search the hashtag and read hundreds of heartfelt stories about loved ones and strong community connections.

  1. City Wide Thank You

People all over the country are coming together through shared gratitude and social distancing. When 7pm hits, horns honk, cowbells ring, applause erupts – all in support of medical professionals and essential employees that are starting/ending their shifts. Videos have popped up, like this one from downtown San Diego, all over social media. If you need a trip down the warm fuzzy rabbit’s hole, search “thank you doctors” on any social media platform. Warning, the raw human connection may make your eyes a little misty.

  1. Feeding Our Frontline

If you have a few dollars to spare and want to show love to Utah’s front line medical professionals, Real Salt Lake and Broadway Media created a community driven effort to provide free meals for healthcare providers. The program is adaptable to each healthcare institution’s needs and may open up cafeterias and/or provide takeout meals free of charge to caregivers. You can donate directly to the fund here.

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