7 “Work” Skills to Keep Current

It doesn’t matter whether you work inside the home or head to the office each day, there are skills every woman should keep fresh. Professional job recruiter, Carly Hazen, has the top seven essential job skills to keep current.

1. Superior Communication Skills

A non-negotiable asset for everyone, in any area of expertise, and it’s clear if you have it (or not) from the moment you meet another person. Top-notch communication skills are not only demonstrated by what you say, but also your ability to listen, empathize and respond in a way that convinces others you really hear them and understand what they’re saying. It’s less about talking and more about being responsive and concise while managing your own emotions-especially if it’s a sensitive subject and feelings are involved. Communication is critical in any field, because every job entails working with other people.

2. Activate Your Network

To keep your professional network alive you must believe it is a valuable asset, one which is critical to your career. Maintaining an active network is an investment.

3. Social Media Literacy

Kids aren’t the only ones who should be utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; all respective social media platforms have become crucial instruments for leveraging business activity, not to mention a communal part of the current work environment. LinkedIn is a tool every serious career-minded individual should be utilizing to the fullest extent.

4. Critical Thinking

Individuals who are able to see the big picture – not just their slice of information – are typically more solution-oriented and more valuable to a company overall. Honing in on your own unique assets and careful reflection of your own evolving responsibilities to increase your worth and using your brain in different ways is always an important practice to keep fresh.

5. Computer Skills

In today’s workforce, it’s not enough to just read and send emails and create documents in MS Word. You need to move a step beyond having the basic computer skills and actually be able to show expertise in them.

6. Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is a very intrinsic, personal quality and can only be achieved through practice; therefore, it is something to always keep current. Whatever you are involved with – show up on time, stay as long as it takes to finish and keep a good attitude. Whenever you resolve to do your best and take responsibility for your actions, you will stand out amongst your peers who fail to show the same level of integrity.

7. Creativity

If you view yourself as a creative person, keep in mind some current examples of how you have solved a problem creatively. Top companies are always looking for non-conventional employees who can adapt easily to new projects and present smart, never-before-used ideas and solutions.

Carly Hazen is a Director of Recruitment for Prince, Perelson & Associates and works with top privately-held and public companies in financial services, global manufacturing, technology, legal and administration. Carly is a regular guest on KSL News Radio and a contributor.

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