A Perfect Pear: Fruits & Flowers

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral explains how to create breathtaking bouquets using fruit.

One of the hottest trends for weddings & parties this season is the pairing of flowers with fruit. The next time you’re in your grocers produce section, take a look at the broad spectrum of vibrant colors, natural textures, and incredible versatility when paired with fresh flowers.

The options are ultimately endless when the worlds of the grocery store and floral shop collide. But, if you’re looking for a strong color theme, ease, and longevity—look no further. Here are our top produce picks & suggestions for floral compliments:


Citrus Fruits come in wonderful summer colors & are beautiful whole or sliced. Lemons, limes, and grapefruit hold there color well if immersed in water and paired with equally vibrant flowers. Gerbera daisies, tulips, hydrangea or Asiatic lilies are some of our favorites!

• Limes (key limes are beautiful!)

• Lemons

• Grapefruit (the Ruby Red Variety provides an extra punch of color.)

• Oranges (clementines, blood oranges, or specialty varieties available almost year round.)


Seasonal Fruit can provide an unexpected touch of festiveness.

• Peaches

• Apricots

• Pears

• Plums

• Cherries

Perfect for summer! We LOVE cherries immersed in water & standing alone in a beautiful bowl.)

• Berries

Cranberries (during the holidays) & blueberries float beautifully & provide the jewel tone colors that are so popular right now. Strawberries, blackberries, and any other kind of berry you can think of are tender, but make an amazing statement in glass or tucked in a tight hand-tied arrangement.

• Apples

Apples come in an amazing variety of sizes and colors. Try placing Granny Smith Apples in a glass cylinder with a display of curly willow and white hydrangeas. Use this very common fruit for uncommon floral designs.

• Grapes

Green, red or black are amazing in glass or in a European basket design.


Melons are not commonly thought to be flower friendly, but with a little imagination, they can provide both the color and container for a showy floral display. Try slicing cantaloupe or honeydew—making a ring of fruit to fill a glass vase. All melon rinds make interesting containers. Cantaloupe rinds are especially full of texture & are the perfect size for a centerpiece. Don’t forget to trim a bit off the bottom so your centerpiece stays on the table!

• Cantaloupe

• Watermelon

• Honeydew


Tropical fruits come in a wide range of colors and textures. Hollow out your pineapple and use it as a container. The top of your pineapple is beautiful and when paired with lilies and orchids can create a great deal of interest and depth. Don’t be afraid to use all the parts of your fruit.

• Pineapple

• Coconut (a wonderful container)

• Papaya

• Star Fruit (slice and display in glass)

• Kiwi sliced or whole, these little gems have lots of character.

Tips for designing with fruits & flowers:

1. Use high quality products.

2. Size does matter—make sure the fruit you’re using is the correct proportion for your design.

3. Rinse fruit well before immersing it in water.

4. Sometimes flowers & fruit are best on their own.

5. Though flowers & fruit LOOK beautiful together, the ethylene gases released by the fruit can damage or cause early deterioration of the flowers. To keep everything looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible, avoid storing the fruit & flowers together until just before your event.

For a great selection of fresh flowers and home décor, visit BYU Campus Craft & Floral:

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