Metal Flowers

Jennifer Heslop shows us how to make metal flowers for use indoors or outdoors.


Galvanized Roofing Metal

Tin snips

Leather Gloves

Copper Tubing (different diameters)

Machine screws, size 6 (3/8″ or ½”) and




Paint Primer

Acrylic paint

1. Using permanent marker draw or trace flower shape onto metal.

2. While wearing gloves, cut out shape with tin snips.

3. To paint flowers or leaves, first prime shapes with paint primer (available in spray cans). After primer has dried, paint flow using acrylic paints.

4. Embellish flowers using electrical wire, beads, etc.

5. To create stem, uncoil copper tubing and shape into desired design. Attach flower and leaves by using a hammer to flatten a section of copper tubing. Using a drill, drill through the tubing and the flower or leave and attach using a small screw and securing the backside with nut.

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