Acentra: Organizing and Preserving Memories

Use Acentra and put your mind at ease about preserving those memories forever.


Tips for Saving and Sharing Your Memories

For sharing;

It’s hard for anyone who can’t find something to share it,. That’s why we suggest, first, converting your items, then organizing your items.

1. 1. Do it right!(Archival Quality is 300 dpi)

2. Do it all! (keep in the embarrassing stuff, you never know what will be valuable or the most favorite of your posterity’s)

3. Just do it! Converting something allows you to keep it forever! It will never degrade, it will never fade, or be torn, etc


1. Digitize it! Digital files are easier to organize and stay organized than physical files.

2. Scan the front & the back of the images that have writing.

3. Tag your photos instead of using folders. Tagging allows you to input information about things within the picture, putting them in folders only allows you to separate the pictures by a single category.

4. Allow things to automatically organize for you. (Facial Recognition software)

5. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) make your scanned documents searchable, instead of just having images of documents. You can find things much easier.

6. Put in as much information as possible!


1. If you store items in a basement, store them high, on a shelf preferably.

2. Store your items away from the hot water heater.

3. Store your videos away from your speakers (speakers are magnets, and pull the information OFF the tapes, they destroy them!)

a. Keep your videos out of the entertainment center and away from the TV, speakers, computer monitor, etc.

4. LOCKSS! Lots Of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe! Give your memories to family members, friends, etc. (Divorces happen, loss happens, there are emergencies and having more copies around increases the probability of your memories surviving.)

5. If you store items in an upstairs room, store them lower, but still on a shelf-they are quickly accessible then in case of an emergency (Not the Attic!)

6. Put pieces of paper between your photos, you never know when the ink from the writing will bleed onto the pictures below.

7. Put them in an archival box (PictureLine)

8. Save your Texts from your phone (Think of ways you are communicating right now! These are a version of your journals and histories, Save your IM’s, Texts, Emails, Everything)

9. Get them away from the house. Don’t just store a backup copy in your house! They burn up too!

10. Get them away from emotion! 3rd parties like companies, banks, etc. are better than an ex-spouse or spiteful sibling.


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