How Children Learn to Read

Michelle Hancey is with See ABC’s, a program that helps children read through multi-sensory techniques.


Overwhelming research shows that phonemic awareness (phonics) is required to become an effective reader. There are two myths, however, regarding phonics programs. The first myth is that any phonics program will do. What many don’t realize is that there are two types of phonics instruction. The first is implicit, which essentially is like matching words in sentences. The second phonics type is explicit phonics learning. Explicit phonics appropriately identifies sounds with certain letters and letter combinations on a page. The second myth is that phonics programs will progress an early reader through complete reading. Phonics can only effectively teach one syllable words. In addition many phonics programs don’t also teach blending skills or sight words.

What is a sight word, you may ask? Well have you ever realized that the letter “A” makes 9 different sounds? Sight words in the English language are words that have vowels that imitate other vowel sounds. For example, with the word “walk,” the “a” makes neither the long or short sound like in the words ape and apple. It actually makes the “o” sound like octopus. Often times the only way these difficult words are taught is with no-fun memorization and lots of questions by children with no good answers from parents or teachers. If a child doesn’t memorize well they may lose reading momentum in this stage of the learning process.

In summary, proper phonics should be used as a foundation to reading to teach the 45 phonetic sounds. When these sounds are learned a reading programs should effectively build off the phonics foundation to teach blending and other skills beyond phonics to build complete successful readers.


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