Living a More Passionate Life

As the co-host of Utah’s number one rated morning show on KSL Newsradio, listeners have come to recognize the immense passion that Amanda Dickson brings to both her personal and professional life. And she shares her tips for living a more passionate life.


In addition to her professional responsibilities with KSL Newsradio, Amanda plays a variety of roles including that of mother and humanitarian. All the while, she makes time for her own personal development and she is known for doing it all with passion. Amanda shares her tips for living a more passionate life, principles that she continues to apply to her own circumstances.

1. Do what you love. This is not as hard as we make it. If you love cooking, cook. If you don’t, get take-out. Either way is great. If you love your job, great. If you hate it, consider quitting and getting another job – not in 10 years when your kids are grown up, but right now.

2. Be a beginner. One of the greatest ways I find passion is by trying new things. I ski. I paint. I try yoga. Maybe I stink at them all, or one or maybe I’m great – who knows? There is something magical – and therefore passionate – in being a beginner and remembering that energy.

3. Look for the icing.

Nothing sucks the passion out of an experience like focusing on the negative. You’re out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and the food is fabulous and your husband bought you roses, but the waitress looked at you funny – and that does it! You’re irritated. No. No. Look for what’s good about the situation you’re in.

4. Fuggetaboutit. Passion sticks around when we let go of the resentments, the irritants, the little things in life. Fuggetaboutit. Whatever it was your boss said, your kids said, the neighbor said – just fuggetaboutit – and keep singing.

5. Give it away. If you want to have passion in your life, be passionate about someone else and what they’re doing. Get excited about your kids school project instead of dreading it. Be excited to see your husband when he comes in the door. Be excited about your coworker’s new diet. When you get excited about what someone else is doing, that passion comes into your own life, your own heart. It can’t help it.


You can listen to Amanda Dickson weekday mornings from 5-9am on KSL Newsradio 102.7fm or 1160am.

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