Creative Ways to Say I Love You!

Studio 5 Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares some great ideas that will be sure to warm the heart of your Valentine and bring a big smile to their face. These ideas are not only great for Valentine’s Day but many can be adapted to use all year long.


• Write a “101 reasons why I love you” or “101 reasons why you are special to me” list. Roll it up and wrap it with a ribbon or place in a pretty envelope and send it in the mail.

• Place glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of the recipient’s bedroom. Spell out a message or make a big heart.

• Write a fun poem about the recipient expressing your love. Remember it does not have to be perfect – it’s the thought that counts!

• Change the words of a well-known song and personalize it for the recipient. Sing it to them. If singing is not your thing, make a personalized CD of favorite romantic songs.

• Take a photo of yourself holding a sign with a message and place the photo on the recipient’s screensaver or send the photo to them in the mail.

• Leave a trail of chocolate kisses for the recipient to find to a gift or note. This is fun to do so it is found when they wake up.

• Learn to say “I love you” in different languages and practice saying them often.

• Place an ad in a newspaper and have it placed in the section you know the recipient will read. The classifieds might be fun – place things in the ad that are specific to the recipient and that only they would know.

• Plant a tree and place a small plaque by it stating who the tree is dedicated to.

• Write a message in the snow. Just use a spray bottle and red food color mixed with water. If you live where there is sand, write a message in the sand. If you live where it is warm, mow a message in the lawn. You get the idea…..

• Write messages with sidewalk chalk at home or where the recipient might go.

• Write messages on cut-out paper hearts or use Post-It Notes (use the whole pad!). Place the hearts or notes in creative places where the recipient will find them. Think out of the box a bit for this. Place them in places such as in a sock, inside a bag of chips or box of cereal, inside a sandwich, in a tool box, on the remote, inside a DVD, under the lid of the toilet, in a pill bottle, in the golf clubs, in a book the recipient is reading, on the sun visor in the car, etc.

• Place hearts or messages on a sun visor for the recipient to find.

• Roll up messages and place in balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie shut. Place numerous balloons in the shower and place a note that states: “You have been showered with love!” An option would be to hang a bunch of hearts from the showerhead or place hearts on the walls of the shower.

• Do the “14 Days of Valentines” for someone. Start February first and give a small item/note/gift each day until the 14th which is Valentine’s Day. Do this anonymously or reveal the giver at the end.

• Use bath crayons to write a message on the shower walls.

• Do “25 reasons I love you.” Send a reason each day in the mail or e-mail one a day. This could also be put in a lunch box each day.

• Place a candy conversation heart in a lunchbox everyday just to remind the recipient of your love. Do this the entire year.

• Personalize fortune cookies with love notes or special messages.

• Bake a cake. Before frosting the cake, wrap love notes or cute jokes in foil. Cut slits in the cake and insert them in. Frost.

• Take the “Heart Attack” idea (placing numerous hearts everywhere and saying you have just been given a “heart attack”) and do it in a creative way. For example. Place big hearts over the entire front of a house. Another fun idea is to cover an entire car with hearts.

• Place hearts or messages on strings and attach to the bottom of a garage door. When the recipient comes home and opens the garage door the hearts or messages will hang from the bottom of the door.

• Write messages on mirrors or windows using soap. Soap will clean up easily. Washable poster paint can be used to paint on windows as well.

• Create a secret hand signal that means “I Love You.”

• Write a message in the steam of a fogged up mirror while the person is in the shower.

• Place a chocolate on the pillow of your sweetheart.

• Kiss a bathroom mirror with lipstick on. This is fun when the recipient finds the mirror covered with “kisses.”

• Place real or artificial rose petals in a bath or between bed sheets.

• Place a big banner with a message in a yard or along side a road the recipient will travel by and will see.

• Tape crepe paper streamers hanging down from the top of a doorway to create a “curtain.” This is fun to do for a child so when they wake up their doorway is covered. Use red, white, pink and purple streamers.

• Add red food coloring to milk. Use a small brush to “paint” a heart or simple message on a piece of bread. Place bread in toaster and then watch as the fun message is enhanced.

• Create a treasure hunt with fun notes or small gifts at each clue. A fun idea might be you at the end of the hunt!

• Remember that food can be used as a fun way to express love. Cut food items into hearts such as peppers, breadsticks, brownies, sandwiches, toast, pancakes, etc. You can also use ingredients such as ketchup or melted chocolate to write a simple message on top of a food item. Food can also be shaped into hearts such as meatloaf and pizza. Another fun option would be to place a big heart made of pasta on a platter and fill it with marinara sauce. Make heart-shaped ice cubes (trays are available at specialty stores) or place candy hearts or red hots in ice cubes. The food possibilities are end


The possibilities are endless!!! Be creative and have fun!

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