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Acrylic Easter Tags: Here are 3 pretty ways to dress up your baskets this year

Take those baskets from simple to chic with acrylic Easter tags!

It’s time to start thinking about those Easter Baskets. It’s sometimes hard to think of ways to make them unique year-after-year, but there are several ways to create personalized acrylic basket tags. They are the perfect way to add that extra-special Easter touch.

Hand-lettering artist Betsy Goodman demonstrates how to make deckled edge tags. She decorates with either a brad, a wax seal, or ribbon. She also shows how to make a pennant flag, and how to dress them up with ribbon, and different lettering techniques.

You can find information about Betsy’s subscription boxes at B Goods Lettering. Find the acrylic tags Betsy mentioned here, and the pen she uses here.

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