picture pranks
Whitney Robbins

April Fools with photos! These picture pranks are fun, yet harmless

You can pull off some picture pranks in no time at all.

We’re helping you pull off some last minute April’s Fool’s Day pranks! We’re always up for a harmless gag – something that brings a good laugh, without causing too much distress. We have some tricks up our sleeve that you can easily pull off at home before tomorrow. All you need is some family photos and a pair of scissors.

Photographer Whitney Robbins shares some of her favorite picture pranks.

Find more photography from Whitney at www.whitneybethphotography.com.


April Fools Picture Pranks

Replace your family’s faces with a celebrity

Replace family photos with silly GIFs with your phone

One of the easiest pranks, and something that’s fun for kids to do, add googly eyes to photos

Cut out a picture of yourself waving in the back seat of a car and tape to rear view mirror

Take a picture of yourself hanging off the door handle of the car and stick it to side mirror

Print a funny picture and tape it to the toilet seat so when they open the lid they see the photo

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