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Add a little magic to your Christmas mantel! Here’s an expert’s advice for making it the focal point

Create a pretty Christmas mantel as the center of your holiday home.

Holiday hibernation is in full effect around here. What’s more cozy than a pretty fireside scene? The fireplace is the heart of the home. The mantel becomes a gathering spot around the holidays, and it’s prime real estate for pretty décor. Use it as a canvas for your holiday swag to give Santa the ultimate entry moment.

Melissa Eror, from Modern Display, shares how to attach a mantle, how to choose the right décor elements, how to create a dynamic display, and how to create an asymmetrical display.

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Expert Tips for Creating a Christmas Mantel

Attaching a Mantel

Melissa teaches how to get the stuff to stay on the mantelscape. She uses command hooks, and especially loves to use the “Cord Bundler” Command hook. She prefers these over a nail or a screw, and says they tend to do the job the best (make sure to follow the full instructions on the back)!

She also loves zip ties. Melissa says zip ties are her #1 decorating tool!

She recommends even anchoring your garland with other heavy décor elements to act as a weight.

Décor Elements

Melissa notes that it’s important to look into levels. She likes to wrap books in wrapping paper to easily give dimension and help keep it cohesive. She says, “Be creative! There are lots of things already in your house you can use to elevate your décor.”

A few more décor elements Melissa loves:


Asymmetrical Design

While it’s sometimes intimidating, asymmetric design will really help zhuzh up your mantelscape. Melissa says to think of the rule of thirds, and think about tapering it down from one side to the other. Try and keep one focal point, to draw the eyes in. And, Melissa adds, don’t be afraid to experiment!

And, (bonus!) if you need help with curating the perfect mantle, you can always reach out to Modern Display for a little designer help. Send in a few photos, or bring in a few pictures, and their team of experts can help you decorate your own mantelscape.

Melissa Eror is an interior designer, and design team manager at Modern Display. Visit the new Modern Display store at 5959 So. State St., Murray.

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