christmas centerpiece

Dress up the holiday table! Elevate any Christmas centerpiece with 3 simple touches

These are simple ideas to make your Christmas centerpiece a show stopper.

If there’s one place that captures the spirit of December, it’s the dining room table. Time to make it look extra pretty with with a beautiful, yet simple, centerpiece!

Shawn Chamberlain, owner of Flower Bar Co., shares how to create a jaw-dropping holiday centerpiece that will have your guests asking, “Wow, did you make this?”

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How to Make an Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

1. The Cedar Garland

Shawn starts off with the basics—cedar garland. You can find it at local stores, nurseries, or even your neighborhood Costco or Trader Joe’s. Add pomegranates, dried oranges, and Shawn’s personal favorite: gold-painted pears. Just tuck them into the garland and you’ve got a holiday masterpiece.

2. Candlestick Holders

You can turn a basic candlestick holder into a work of art? Shawn’s tip is to layer on ribbons, velvet, and satin for a chic touch – the more, the merrier. A few bows and trails of ribbons later, and your candlestick holder has undergone a fabulous glow-up.

3. Table Elegance with Bowls

If you like a simpler look, Shawn shares how to use bowls. A bit of foam, a candle, and some snipped greens create a lovely display. Pro tip: snip branches from your yard for an authentic touch. Add a berry or two and even some cut-up poinsettias!

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