balloon display

Turn balloons into a cute Christmas present! Set up a BIG balloon display for your holiday party

A balloon display takes your event décor over the top!

The holidays are high-time for hosting parties. Especially large-scale gatherings with a large guest list. Maybe you need a statement at the entrance, or a creative centerpiece on the table. Balloons aren’t just for birthdays! A little helium is the secret ingredient to an over-the-top display.

Balloon artist Miranda Thompson shares how to set up a big holiday balloon display, and how to make a present shaped balloon creation.

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Miranda is a founder and co-owner of Snap Pop Party! She loves bright colors, especially pink, creating magic, bringing joy and her husband and kiddos. Miranda spent 25 years climbing the corporate career ladder before switching things up and starting a party business. Snap Pop Party! is your one stop shop for all you event enhancement needs from photo booths to balloons to fringe and so much more. Contact Miranda and see her work on Instagram at

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