ADHD Coaching

Kids who have ADHD might benefit from a two-pronged approach to
therapy that is said to retrain the brain.

Dr. Klayne Rasmussen of IntraLife Performance Center shares his unique

IntraLife Performance Center is the only center in Utah to offer a Total Care
Program addressing the needs of individuals with ADHD. The driving force
behind our successful program is neurofeedback combined with coaching;
both specifically designed to improve the function of the ADHD brain.

Neurofeedback trains the brain to function better while coaching assists the
client to develop and implement strategies that help them meet their goals
and ultimately the demands of life. Individual coaching can be invaluable to
the client as their brain improves functioning and new skills can be easier
to obtain. This unique multi-dimensional approach ensures the highest
possibility of success and change for our clients.

Benefits of Coaching

· Identify your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses as an individual

· Helps to set realistic long-term goals in relation to school, daily life,
and beyond

· Learn to how to prioritize assignments at school, book reports, and
home responsibilities

· Learn to create a necessary structure to stay on track with school goals
and meet deadlines for school assignments and/or work

· Learn how to better manage with a planner, calendaring, and school

· Motivate by learning about internal dialogue and self-observation and
what to do about it

· Establish personal /self care with daily routines

· Creating a positive environment to meet present and future educational

Benefits of Neurofeedback

· A non-medication approach to reducing the symptoms of ADHD

· Teaches the brain to self-regulate or in other words to function better
on its own

· Increased ability to focus and concentrate

· Decreased impulsivity

· Easier to be organized and follow through with tasks

· Improved self-control

· More confidence and self-esteem

· Greater social awareness

Dr. Klayne Rasmussen, Ph.D., LMFT
IntraLife Performance Center
Farmington location and coming soon to American Fork
Phone: 801-451-0054


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