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Adjusting to the Empty Nest Phase: 5 ways to rediscover yourself

The empty nest phase can be a hard adjustment.

It’s a time of big transition and adjustment. And, for someone women, the “empty nest” phase can start to feel just that – empty.

Life Coach Allie Hill shares five ways that women can rediscover the possibilities of this chapter, and rediscover themselves.

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5 Ways to Adjust to the Empty Nest Phase

  1. Reframe “purpose” to “focus.” Rather than trying to find a purpose – let’s reframe that effort to trying to find a focus. Having focused on your kids, spouse, home, community for so long, it will be an adjustment to begin to focus on yourself for the first time. It takes practice, and it can take time.
  2. Allow the feelings – all of them! You will feel sad, uncertain, fearful, excited, overwhelmed…all of those feelings have a purpose, and all of those feelings have a place.
  3. Have a plan. Develop a strong morning routine that will start your day off to a hum, and build regular activities into your schedule that will offer goals and anticipation.
  4. Don’t compare. Just as each child is different, your empty-nest journey is going to be unique.
  5. Get support. Speak with a spouse, friend, community – there are a ton of resources. You don’t have to go it alone.

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