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Adventure the great outdoors with Utah tours! Here are 5 that will be a hit for Labor Day

Try one of these Utah tours this Labor Day weekend!

Utah’s outdoors are calling, and you don’t need a fancy ATV or any gear to to enjoy them.

Bob Grove, from Road Tripping with Bob and Mark, shares five adventure tours that are perfect for Labor Day, or really any time you’re up for some thrill.

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5 Utah Tours for Labor Day Weekend

1. Kanab Jeep Adventures

East Zion Adventures – There’s nothing like a four-wheel-drive (4×4) Jeep Tour for exploring the scenic backcountry surrounding Utah’s Zion National Park. Large plateaus, desert landscapes, and scenic overlooks await the adventurer who wishes to experience the true west.  Guided Jeep Tours or guided side-by-side UTV trips, where you drive your own vehicle in a tag-along fashion, are just two of the ways you can discover the secret places outside of Zion.  It is said that all of southwestern Utah could be a national park, and these adventures will take you places that most people will never see as they visit Zion National Park.

2. Moab Hummer Cruise

Highpoint Hummer & ATV Tours – Take a ride with High Point Hummer on Moab’s most exciting terrain. Experience the world-famous Hell’s Revenge Trail, guaranteed to raise your eyebrows, we will show you what a HUMMER® is built to do. The tour features exciting excursions to secluded canyons, hidden arches, prehistoric dinosaur tracks, and awe-inspiring panoramic overlooks of Arches National Park and the Colorado river. Experience the thrill of traveling up and down rolling petrified sand dunes as you ascend to the top of the Slickrock surrounding Moab. Our Hummer Tour is an experience unlike anything else on the planet!

3. Bluff River Rafting and Canyoneering

Wild ExpeditionsIf you have ever wanted to try rappelling, then now is your chance. Learning the technical skills required for rappelling can be overwhelming on your own, so go with our expert guides and you’ll be in good hands. Calf Canyon is an excellent introduction to canyoneering and is just a minute drive from our shop, so it makes a great way to fill an afternoon or morning. If you can spend a full day we would highly recommend Blarney Canyon or Fry Canyon, but if you are limited on time or just looking for a taste than this is the canyoneering trip for you.

4. Hanksville Mars Odyssey

You don’t need to hop on a rocket to visit Mars. Hanksville Tours can take you to the Bentonite Hills of the Keville Desert, which feels like another planet. Explore the Martian-like landscapes and feel like a true explorer.

5. Sundance Zipline Extravaganza

The Sundance ZipTour is one of the most exciting scenic zip tours, boasting 2,100 feet of vertical drop, the most of any zip line in the United States. Guests can ride side by side on the zip lines double cables. They can also control their speed, cruising up to 65 mph or stop mid-air to take in the views. It is a series of four zip lines starting at the top of the mountain accessed via an incredible scenic lift ride. Participants must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 50 – 260 lbs.

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